Financial Integrity Group Services

  1. Financial Integrity Group

    —we use our leverage and expertise to negotiate a discount on what you owe under federal guidelines to which you are entitled; thereby giving you one new payment that is significantly less than what you have been paying to your creditors directly.  Once your creditor agrees to the new lower payoff amount they are paid out of your special purpose account (SPA) with Global Client Solutions — and they realize a tax benefit for what they have forgiven.  You simply save money each month immediately and become debt free much sooner and for much less money than you would have otherwise paid out directly to creditors over time.

  2. Global Client Solutions

     – specializes in the debt settlement industry and maintains this dedicated account in your name only from which your creditors will be paid once we arrive at a new lower payoff amount on your behalf. This account also provides assurance to your creditors that you are doing your part in lieu of them receiving monthly payments from you directly as you have been doing.

  3. Consumer Justice Center 

    – provides insulation between you and the collections staff of your creditors or assigns while you are navigating the settlement process under the protection of our program. The CJC provides you with a personal answering service (PAS) phone number to which your creditor calls will be directed for monitoring to determine if they are violating your rights pursuant to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). When they occur, we use these violations to your benefit to achieve a lower settlement payoff for you with that creditor or assign.

The fees for all three services is already included in your one new lower payment!

You simply save money each month, become debt free much sooner, and you will be spared thousands of dollars in principal and interest by virtue of our program.