More to your Creditworthiness than just a Score

Credit Worthiness is more than just a Score

CFPB Credit Score Explainer“A credit score is a three-digit number that is based on your credit report. It reflects your use of credit and payment history, among other factors. Lenders look at one of your credit scores when you apply for a new credit card, mortgage, student loan, or other type of loan as a key factor in their decision to issue you a credit card or approve your loan application. It’s important to know and monitor your credit scores because lenders and other companies use them as a measurement of your ability to pay back money you owe. The interest rate they offer you for a credit card or loan depends on the credit score that the lender is using. As a result, credit scores can impact how much you pay each month. Generally, the higher a credit score, the better the terms of that credit card or loan, and the lower the monthly payments.” 

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