Debt Relief Options

When financial times hit hard you have limited options on how to regain your financial integrity.  And because bad things sometimes happen to good people.

We offer a federally regulated debt relief program that eliminates the burden of paying ongoing interest and reduces the principal balances owed to your selected participating creditors.   Given such an arrangement — you are obviously able to save money and time and regain peace of mind that you are doing what is best for yourself and your family.  We do not judge – we help!

When hard times hit you have limited options – actually three:

First is the pay for life plan, which is the never-ending treadmill you are on now with your creditors directly; please look at your credit card statement and see how much your debt will cost you on the minimum payment schedule – or, how much you must pay each month to pay off debt within three years – that is what your debt is really going to cost you directly with your creditors! These calculations are required to be printed on your credit card statements pursuant to the Federal 2009 Credit Card Accountability, Affordability, and Disclosure Act so that your creditors could not lie to you any more about how much your debt was really costing you!

Second is the Consumer Credit Counseling agencies you see advertised on TV or internet usually posing as not-for-profits or quasi-religious affiliations. It is important to realize that they do not represent you, but rather the credit card and banking community that supports them.  Moreover, they don’t do anything you can’t do yourself anyway – they only offer a reduced interest rate on the full principal balances; — and your monthly payment usually increases– what?!  They will also typically charge you a fee for each debt enrolled into their program – and, they get what is called a “fairshare contribution”– which is a fancy expression for a “kickback” from your creditors for each dollar that flows from you through them to your creditors.  To make matters worse, since they are from the same “lodge” as the credit card and banking community, they report to the service bureaus that you are in their program – which reflects negatively — much as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy would affect you.  That’s bad.

The best option is Financial Integrity Group, LLC offering debt resolution as we get you out of debt in half the time and for half the money compared to the other options; please see the Forensic Accounting Report via this link  and direct your attention to page 18 showing that you can expect to realize $4.56 in benefit for each dollar in fees paid – and page 32 which compares your various options illustrating that our debt settlement solution saves you more money and time than any other.

Stand tall and firm – realize your rights.  FIG can help, because knowledge is power!   Please call the Financial Integrity Group, LLC toll free at (844) 330-6813 for your free consultation now.  Thank you for letting us provide our service toward regaining your financial integrity–with Assurance, Dignity & Knowledge!